Communication 101

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 Nicajoice 3 Comments

After a couple of weeks, I finally had the time to start reading up some of the earlier chapters of my development communication book. Chapter 5 touched on Models of Communication. And I thought, I'd share some of the remarkable texts I found there. 

Although you must have read these countless times, it is always good to remember these nuances. 

Yes, at times, we forget that meanings are in people. We all have unique personal backgrounds, we have come from different races and we've grown up living in different social and cultural contexts. Thus, a message may be perceived in several ways. And given that we are all different (in some ways) it is very much inevitable that misunderstandings arise. It is up to us then to be aware of this truth, and our responsibility to respect our individualities. Finally, find a middle ground where everyone can co-exist harmoniously.

We cannot not communicate.  Non-verbal gestures such as raising our eyebrows,  twirling strands of our hair, or rubbing our belly sends signals to people which they may interpret in different ways. Our  silence, yes, the absence of words can mean something. Not getting a reply or a feedback means something.

Communication is a very interesting field to study. I can't wait to read more and share more of my learning with you.