CampusBookRentals Saves Textbook Dilemmas

Monday, February 25, 2013 Veronica Joyce 2 Comments

For the most part of my college years, I was self supporting. My parents took care of my tuition while I worked part-time to cover all my other expenses like boarding house fee, food, clothes, class materials, etcetera. Often, there was none intended for textbooks for they were much too expensive and I had other more pressing needs. Instead of buying books for my classes, I resorted going to the library every chance I’d get to read in advance and take down notes which took a big portion of my time. I also had to photocopy tons and tons of class readings which ended up in the trash at the end of the semester. Imagine the huge amount of paper I wasted. I once decided to sell them out to a junk shop only to be so disappointed at the measly amount I got in return - not even a quarter of the photocopying cost. 

It would have been an entirely different story had I known of an alternative way to solve my textbook problems. If you are still attending school right now, I bet you have the same dilemma. And if you could stay for a little while, I’d like to introduce a much cheaper way of "owning" a textbook as long as you need it at a price that is way more affordable than buying a book you won't even need after a semester or two.

CampusBookRentals offers free shipping to anywhere in the US both ways. By renting textbooks from CampusBooksRentals, you are able to save 40 to 90% off of bookstore prices, highlight important information on the textbooks as you read (just like they are your own), and avail of flexible renting periods. Apart from all these perks (and the ones you can find on their website, here) you are also given the opportunity to help out Operation Smile, an organization that performs cleft lip surgeries on children whose families could not afford the procedure on their own. The surgery helps these children have a better quality of life. By renting a textbook from CampusBookRentals, a portion of the profit goes to Operation Smile.

So, why not start listing the books that you need and head over here to start the ball rolling. Signing up is a breeze plus you get your books in as fast as two to four days or for some books, the day after!

Wait, not a student anymore? You may still rent books that you need for research, office projects, leisure, etc. And if you have textbooks that have been sitting in your storage room for a while now, why not rent them out?

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Aren't all of these exciting? If you need to rent a book or two, go to And  if you want to earn some cash from your textbooks, visit

College is over for me four years ago. But, I still have graduate school to look forward to! I would need some textbooks, right?

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