The Waiting Series: When the Wait is Over

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 Veronica Joyce 2 Comments

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I've been asking myself lately, "Once I find him (or once he finds me), what's next?"

All along, I thought the hardest part of it all was "waiting". That when he comes along, everything will be bright and shiny, my misery will be washed away and there'll be nothing but bliss. 

Today, I'd like to remind myself that although most fairytales end with "and they lived happily ever after" right at the moment when the prince has beaten the evil beast or the wicked witch and has swooped the princess off her feet, real life doesn't work the same way. 

To stay in a relationship with someone whose thinking and way of life may not be similar to mine requires courage in the same way that it takes much strength to wait. Not just courage, but patience, compassion, respect, humility and love. 

I am aware that I have formed the ideal man in my head. Someone I have daydreamed relentlessly in the last couple of years after realizing that what I want most in this life is to have someone by my side to share life with. I know that matters like this do not easily escape the mind. The idea of it all lingers; even in the subconscious. So much so that when the man right in front of me fails to live up to my expecations, pieces of that dream are blown away. 

But then, whether or not expectations are met, I know that when I fall in love (tomorrow or in the near future), it would be to a man recognized by my own heart. He may be flawed and unsure and as full of fear as I am, but when I know he's worth all the trouble, I'd have to fight as hard as I might and not give up so easily. For couples or married people to remain faithful to each other is not as easy as pie. Older and wiser people say it requires a daily decision to love and forgive. And it's true. Every relationship requires some amount of dedication.

Will I be able to tell if he's the one? I will. They always say you'll know it in your gut. 

So, wait for now. Wait until he comes. Then never let go.