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Friday, March 07, 2014 Veronica Joyce 0 Comments

To be honest, the enthusiasm from January kind of have gone low when February rolled in. I don't know if you felt the same, but that was how it was for me. Feb drained me due to numerous school requirements I had to accomplish before the 1st of March. The second semester was nearing its end and it was my fault that I was slacking it off the first few months. (I had no one to blame but myself for having have to cram). Nevertheless, Feb was a fab month for a number of reasons.

1| Honey Calamansi Juice with Seagrass at Cafe Dominic. Got this drink while waiting for my friend, Junel, for a long over due date.

2| Post-birthday dinner for Ate Jo and Neri, and Kuya Jason at Elias, Robinson's Magnolia. You may read my blog entry about it here.

3| Books + a room full of sunlight - my happy place, Powerbooks-Greenbelt.

4| Cafe Latte (my study buddy) at CBTL, Greenbelt 5.

5| Strawberry cake. Would you believe that Junel bakes cakes? And yummy cakes at that. Well, Helen and I got to taste one of his sweet treats on our recent visit to Sto. Domingo.

6| Filipino Laity: Icon of God's Fidelity, a talk by Bro. Michael Angelo Lobrin at Sto. Nino de Paz - Greenbelt Chapel. The Catholic Church declares 2014 as The Year of the Laity. And this year involves encouraging and empowering the Laity to be more active in the profession of our faith not just in words but more so in deeds.

My take away from this talk: "More than our faith in God, let us be empowered by God's faith in us. We are not human "doing", neither are we human "having". We are human "beings". And to be human is to be kind and compassionate."

7| International Rice Research Institute. My first visit this year, not for leisure's sake though. But I had a grand time nonetheless.

8| Anonymous reunited (at least the three of us). In high school it is common to belong to an "exclusive" group - a clique, though not in the negative sense of the word. Not only did I have nine awesome friends back then, I also found such great pals to this day. And I am definitely looking forward to a grand reunion very soon. By the way, our group was called "Anonymous". :D

9| Afternoon scene outside the office. One of those few times that I get to go home before the sun is down. Praying for more afternoons such as this - less hectic.

I hope you all had a Fab Feb, too! Enjoy the weekend, friends! I will. :)

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