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Monday, June 30, 2014 Veronica Joyce 0 Comments

I have recently gone out of the country for the very first time, and I had the most awesome experience ever! It's only been a few weeks since I got back from South Korea but all I can think about is when to go back, or which city/country to go next?! Updating my travel bucket list is very much convenient with Airbnb.

Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 192 countries.

One thing I realized being in a foreign country is how much important and meaningful it is to interact and live with the locals. So, based on experience, I'd much prefer staying at a friend's house, at a guesthouse, or couchsurf rather than stay at those big, expensive and impersonal hotels because I get to learn about the country's culture and traditions even more, it's practical and economical, and I get to re-connect with friends and even gain new ones (just make sure to read reviews to ensure safety and set realistic expectations). These are all possible with Airbnb

When I browsed through Airbnb's listings, I actually have a whole range of  accommodation types to choose from. There are private rooms in a family house, a room in somebody's apartment, shared spaces in dormitories, accommodation in a traditional house (like Hanok), in a villa, gosh, even in a castle. Plus, I can freely filter the price range to ensure that my search yields  results I am most comfortable with, economically. So, here's my travel bucket list (why I chose these places) and the listings that go  with each city based on these factors: affordability, location, (living) condition, and recommendations from fellow travelers.

1/ Jeju-do, South Korea 
I've been to Seoul and Busan, but one major tourist destination in South Korea I haven't gone to so far is Jeju-do, it's definitely a must-see. It's a favorite filming location for K-Dramas plus I want to taste the oranges locally grown in this Island and bike along the coast! Oh, I found one accommodation owned by a farmer and  they offer hands-on experience while you're there! (2 listings)

2/ Jerusalem, Israel
A few months back, I watched a TV special  about a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and I realized, I really have to go to Israel at least once. It would be a spiritual journey to the core of my faith. 
(3 listings)

3/ Prague, Czech Republic
Simply because it's one of the prettiest and most romantic places on Earth! (3 listings)

4/ Bali, Indonesia
Pristine beaches pull me to this side of the world. (5 listings)

5/ Seoul, South Korea
I need a part 2, part 3, part 4.... I looked at the Seoul City brochure I was able to bring home the other night and I noticed that there are still a lot more places I haven't visited. And I want to experience Spring in Yeouido, Fall in Nami Island, and Winter in... Central, Seoul? :D I mostly chose listings in Mapo-gu (Hongdae) area because it is the most convenient location especially coming from Incheon Airport. (5 listings)

6/ Tuscany, Italy
Blame the movie "Letters to Juliet" - finding that elusive one great love while passing by hills of luscious green under the Tuscan sun, my heart ached for Tuscany! I would love to pick grapes and make wine from vineyards, as well as eat and cook authentic Italian pizza and pasta. (2 listings)

7/ Copenhagen, Denmark
It's one of the most expensive cities in the world but I have a friend who currently lives there and I'd like to visit her soon! And Danish cuisine intrigues me. (3 listings)

8/ Nice, France
I wrote a class prophecy way back in high school and I wrote something like being in Nice, France 10 years after grad. I have to make that a reality. (1 listing)

9/ Dublin, Ireland
I have a cousin who worked in Ireland before and she used to write me letters (yes, snailmail!) with postcards. On one occasion, she sent me photos of a castle in Scotland where Harry Potter was filmed.  Since then, I've wanted to go to Ireland, because it's pretty and it's near Scotland! (2 listings)

That's my list, for now, though I'm sure it's going to expand very very soon. And I truly hope to cross an item or two off the list sooner than later.

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