Let's Learn Korean: Useful Expressions (2nd Class. 3rd Teacher)

Friday, November 11, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

Thursday calls for another Korean class with my teacher, Lynn.  So, I head on to Pasig right after work yesterday. I was actually supposed to meet the moms in Grace to Be Born for our weekly speech class but they were busy preparing for an event. Thus, I indeed up playing with the babies for 30 minutes. I'd be posting the pics next time. And had my class with Lynn an hour earlier.

With all the numerous things that's been going on this week, I have totally forgotten to gather my Korean learning materials. I didn't have my books with me, nor the sample TOPIK tests. So, I just asked Lynn to teach me some useful Korean expressions as these may come in handy when meeting new Korean friends. :D

Let me share them with you.

A: 많이 드세요. (manh-i deu-se-yo) Please eat a lot. or Enjoy!
B: 잘 먹겠습니다. (jal meog-kess-seum-ni-da) Thank you for the meal. or simply, "Thank You"

I have actually devoted an entire post discussing this expression. Click here, if you want to check it out.
드시다 (deu-shi-da) is the base form of
드세요, the polite form of the verb "eat" (먹다 - meog-da)

When eating with a friend you can answer 잘 먹을께 (jal meog-eul-kke) instead of
잘 먹겠습니다.
A:왜 안 먹어요? (wae an meog-eo-yo?) Why aren't you eating?
B: 저는 고기 안 먹어요. (jeo-neun  go-gi an meog-eo-yo.) I don't eat meat.

Other alternative answers to the question,
왜 안 먹어요?
a.배가 불러서 먹을 수 없어요. (bae-ga  bul-leo-seo meog-eul su eops-eo-yo.) I can't eat because I'm full.
b.배가 불러서 안 먹어요. (bae-ga bul-leo-seo an meog-eo-yo.) I am not eating because I'm full.
c.저는 지금 배 불러요. (jeo-neun ji-geum bae bul-leo-yo.) I am full now.
d.저는 수시가 맛이 없어서 안 좋아해요. (jeo-neun su-shi-ga mas-i eops-eo-seo an joh-a-hae-yo.) Idon't like sushi because it is not delicious.
e.저는 나중에 먹을거에요. (jeo-neun na-jung-e meog-eul-keo-e-yo). I will eat later.
f.저는 조금 있다가 먹을거에요. (jeo-neun jo-geum iss-da-ga
meog-eul-keo-e-yo.) I will eat in a while.
g.그것은 너무 달아서 안 먹어요. (keu-geos-eun neo-mu dal-a-seo meog-eo-yo.) I'm not eating because that is too sweet.
그것은 너무 많아요. (keu-geos-eun neo-mu manh-a-yo) That's too much.

A: 물 더 드릴까요? (mul deo deu-ril-kka-yo?) Can I give you more water?
B: 아니요, 괜찮아요. (a-ni-yo, kwaen-chahn-a-yo.) No, it's OK.
or 네, 주세요. (ne, ju-se-yo.) Yes, please give me. 

드리다 (deu-ri-da) is the base form of 드릴까요(?) which is the polite form of the verb "give" (주다 - ju-da).

There! I am sure you have learned a lot. :D Coz I did! Let me know if you have questions. I'll be more than willing to answer or ask my teacher for answers. :P

Until next Thursday!! ^^